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Tiritiri Island, New Zealand

I went to Tiritiri Island today…a flora and fauna sanctuary of the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. This day was extraordinary on all levels. I was luckiest to have met one of the guides right off the bat on the ferry to the island. He was so knowledgeable about all things birds I asked if I could be in his group on the island. He knew the island so well and we all 11 of us went on the long hike. This way and that way, up and down and through the old growth of Tiritiri. We were lucky with the weather, it was a bit overcast, in the 70’s with little wind. I saw so many birds I have never even heard of before!  I got photos of only a few, wanting to be in this moment of time in this place.

I saw Gannets, shearwaters, white fronted terns, several different gulls, little shags, pied shags…( these are varieties of cormorants), oystercatchers, brown teal, purple swamphen, stitchbird(hihi), saddleback (tieke), New Zealand Pidgeon (kereru), Whitehead (popokotea), Bellbird (korimako), fernbird (matata), North Island Robin(toutouwai), welcome swallow, red crowned parakeet (kakariko), Kingfisher (kotare) Blue peguins, and a Tui (parson bird). I also saw a stingray.

It was one of those days that makes me so grateful for all things.



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